You are currently viewing Rupin Pass Trek, Dhaula Base Camp, Dynamic sceneries of Rupin Pass, Best Time For Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass Trek, Dhaula Base Camp, Dynamic sceneries of Rupin Pass, Best Time For Rupin Pass Trek

The Rupin Pass Trek is a high-altitude trek (4,650 m – 15250 ft) nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, which starts from the Dhaula camp in Uttarakhand and ends at the crossing of Uttarakhand near the Kinnaur Valley of Sangla in Himachal Pradesh, shepherds also use this route.
Every place has different spectacular views and it is a journey full of wonder and adventure at every turn.

Dhaula Base Camp

  • Dhaula Camp is situated near the banks of the Rupin River. Dhaula is a beautiful campsite. The beauty of this place mesmerizes everyone. Due to the beautiful flow of river Rupin, this place looks even more beautiful.
  • At Dhaula Base Camp, it seems that beautiful mountains are standing to welcome us. On the way to Dhaula, you will get to see beautiful views like pine forests, rivers, mountains, flora and fauna.
  • In Dhaula, you can feel the sunrise over a large open field, as well as the early morning rain shining on the trees of the forests, which is a very beautiful sight.
  • After reaching the Dhaula camp, you can enjoy tea or snacks in a different way.

Dynamic sceneries of Rupin Pass

The changing trails and jungle walks will be a relief while trekking, this place will give you spectacular views, many unexplored places, and the view of the beautiful Rupin River.

You will go from snowy rivers to small water streams to frozen springs while enjoying the dense forests and here you can see a huge variety of nature which will make you fall in love with it. The Rupin Pass trek is a bit arduous but the view is mesmerizing and beautiful.

Best Time to Do Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass is a very scenic and climbing trek in the Himalayas, Rupin Pass Trek is ideal for those who are fond of mountaineering and their aim is to explore the mountains.

The best time to do this trek is from May to June and then from September to October.
You will get a lot of snow especially in May and June which will make trekking fun

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