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Pindari Glacier Trek, Pindari Glacier Trek Best Time

Pindari Glacier Trek: The journey to the famous Pindari Glacier located in the north part of the development block Kapkot is adventurous as well as thrilling. The first rays of the sun falling on this glacier in the early morning attract tourists. Nature has given a lot to this area, but the governments have not done anything special to date to groom them. Leave the arrangements for living there, even the footpaths are not in a good way to walk, while the condition of the donkeys on the Yatra route is also no less.

Pindari Glacier is situated at an altitude of 12500 feet above sea level. To reach here, tourists have to travel 38 km from the district headquarters by vehicle to Song then three km to Loharkhet. After this begins the extremely difficult trek of 11 km of Dhakudi, which is extremely painful for the tourists. Then resting the night at Dhakudi, on the second day, tourists reach Khati 7 km away on foot. After this, he rests for the night after reaching Dwali, a distance of 11 km, the next day 5 km to Furkia.

On the second morning, after a 7 km trek, reaching Zero Point, he has a panoramic view of the Pindari Glacier. After reaching here, the tourists have fun in the velvet grass. Along with the panoramic shade of the Himalayas, you also enjoy the slow-flowing Pindar and the beautiful waterfalls. With the arrival of summer, colorful flowers start blooming here.

The beauty of nature gives peace to our eyes. The beauty of the state flower Buransh flowers on the glacier route makes the journey even more captivating. Many animals including musk deer, barasingha, ghural, kankar, leopard, bear, wild chickens are seen in this high Himalayan region.

To reach here, tourists have to reach before the sun sets. The first rays of the sun falling on the glacier add to the beauty of the glacier. The journey of this glacier starts from the last week of May till the second week of June. After this, when the rainy season starts, it becomes difficult for the donkeys to cross. There is a visit to the glacier for a short time in the month of September. Later the journey is not possible due to snowfall.

Tourist accommodation houses are made for the stay of tourists.

PWD and KMVN have accommodation houses at Loharkhet, Dhakudi, Khati, Dwali and Furkia for the night rest and food of the tourists. The huts were built four years ago by the construction wing of KMVN at Loharkhet, Dhakuri, Khati, Dwali and Furkia at a cost of about Rs 1 crore. But due to some shortcomings in them, he could not get into KMVN. In the absence of maintenance, these huts are also being damaged by anti-social elements.

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