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Munsiyari: Paradise hidden in the depths of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is wonderful in itself. Munsiyari: Paradise hidden in the depths of Uttarakhand. There are good roads, rail lines to towns within the state, and several airports. Due to such a good arrangement, there are many such cities in Uttarakhand, where lakhs of tourists go to visit every year. You must have heard the names of Nainital, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, and Kausani.

But I go to places that are a little different. So this time we go together, to the village of Munsiyari, Uttarakhand, which is also known as Himnagari by the people here. Many treks start from 200 meters i.e. 7200 feet high Munsiyari in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand, 300 km from Delhi.

Very easy to reach Munsiyari

Both bus and train come from Delhi to Haldwani. There are also direct buses to Pithoragarh, from where you can buy an ABS ticket for ₹250 onwards, and just 5 hours to Munsiyari. The views up to Munsiyari became very pleasant. Panchachuli ranges are clearly visible from the window of the bus.

Beautiful Places to See

1. Nanda Devi Temple

2 KM from Munsiyari. On trekking on a distant mountain, one comes to the Nanda Devi temple, where the whole of Uttarakhand comes to worship the goddess, as well as people from all corners of India, come to visit here.

High mountains are covered with lush green forests, and behind them like the elder brothers, the white snow-capped peak adorns the temple. In the year 1857, this temple was built by a priest here on his own. Then the Indo-Tibetan Border Patrol’s jawan Shri Bachi Ram Ji completed the construction of the temple. Gradually people started coming here less for darshan and more for picnics. Due to the time and movement of people, the condition of the temple was not the same as the child Ram had left. Then the present priest of the temple, Shri Dev Singh Ji took the initiative here. Due to the rules, worship and aarti of the goddess started and its spiritual importance increased again.

2. Thamri Kund Trek.

Clouds like white cotton are visible in the clear Tharmi Kund-like glass. Just look high and you can see the Panchachuli mountains. This pool is named after a goddess and it is said that due to littering here, it rains heavily in Munsiyari. There is also a saying that if you see a pair of swans swimming here, then you are very lucky.

3. Khaliya Top

18 KM from Munsiyari. The trek to Khaliya starts from the distant Balti Band and you can complete the trek in five hours. Reaching Khaliya 22,500 feet above sea level, you look down and see a forest of pine and deodar trees. If you turn your neck up a little, then the mountain is the mountain.

Millions of stars twinkle in the sky as soon as the evening falls. Many astrophotographers come here to take pictures of the stars. You take it too. Various types of treks like Lilam, Rilam, and Nanda Devi start from Khaliya.

4. Birthi Falls

This 400 feet high waterfall is situated between Munsiyari and Pithoragarh, 22 km from the main city. As you approach this waterfall on the highest Kalamuni top of Munsiyari, you start to smell the earthy smell. The waterfall later joins the Gour-Ganga river. You get such beautiful views that you cannot live without taking out your camera.

5. Panchachuli Peak

One sees the Panchachuli mountains turning from white to orange and then red at sunset. As lovely as this sight was, so is the story of these five mountains. The word Panchachuli is derived from the word panch meaning ‘five’ and chuli meaning ‘cooking pot’. It is said that before going to heaven, the Pandavas cooked food for the last time on these five.

But the people of Munsiyari village say that the five Pandavas turned into these five mountains and his wife Panchali also wrapped them in the form of snow. Many say that Dwapar Yuga is not over yet, and at the end of Dwapar Yuga, these Pandavas, who became mountains, will again come in their human form.

Munsiyari: Paradise hidden in the depths of Uttarakhand.

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