Char Dham Yatra

Introduction to Char Dham Yatra

Introduction to Char Dham Yatra: For spiritual peace, the Hindu wants to visit the holy Char Dham once in his lifetime, the Char Dham which is located in the picturesque hills of Garhwal in Uttarakhand, India. The philosophy of Char Dham not only gives spiritual peace, but also attains salvation, which every Hindu wants to achieve. So let’s know about these four holy dhams.


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Are you planning to go to Char Dham? How to prepare yourself for the divine journey?

Devotees from different parts of India begin to visit this holy pilgrimage of Hindus and get mesmerized by the natural charm of Uttarakhand. People should be prepared to face challenges to go on the Char Dham pilgrimages, such as high mountain roads, crossing rivers, walking in highlands, drastic changes in temperature, and many other things. Therefore, firstly it is necessary to know some important things from there so that the devotees can successfully complete this journey.

What is the best season for Char Dham Yatra?

The doors of the temples of this holy journey are opened in the month of April-May and they are open every year till Diwali (October-November). In winter, the weather in the mountains is very complicated, which is not good for traveling. The best time to visit is May-June and September-October. One should not travel during the months of July and August, as heavy rains in the Garhwal region may face many problems at this time. There is a risk of landslides and heavy rainfall during these months.

Why physical health is important!

As mentioned earlier, traveling is very challenging, people suffering from aerophobia (fear of heights), high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, and other diseases are prohibited from traveling. It is important that they get a proper medical examination from their physician and get a certificate regarding their health for the proposed Char Dham Yatra.

Traveling involves a lot of walking and it can cause a lot of problems, especially for older family members who are not up to long walks, etc. In such a situation, you give your feet some rest and rest regularly between journeys to feel refreshed. What problems can you encounter in the mountains or higher altartube?

Because most of the temples are located in the high altitude mountain region, there may be some problems that the devotees have to face. Many people suffer from altitude sickness (fear of altitude) and have a problem with making them acclimatized to the climate. These people should consult the doctors before starting the journey.

Why booking accommodation in advance is important?

It is important to select a comfortable accommodation in advance to complete the journey successfully. There are many hotels and resorts located on the Char Dham circuit. Devotees can take the hotel as per their requirements. Hotels leave no stone unturned to provide the best services and facilities to their guests. All the desired facilities such as an en-suite bathroom, television, spacious rooms, telephone, etc. are provided by the hotel which is meant to make the journey enjoyable.

What is the best route to travel?

Generally, the Char Dham Yatra is performed by devotees from the west to the east, indicating that the yatra starts from Yamunotri, and passing through Gangotri, ends at Kedarnath and finally Badrinath Dham. The best ways to follow the devotees during the journey are:

  • Yamunotri Road Map: Rishikesh – Narendra Nagar – Chamba – Brakhal – Barkot – Hanuman Chatti – Phool Chatti – Janaki Chhatti – Yamunotri
  • Gangotri Route Map: Barkot – Uttarkashi – Gangotri
  • Kedarnath Road Map: Uttarkashi – Guptkashi – Kedarnath
  • Badrinath Route Map: Kedarnath – Pipalkoti – Badrinath